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Frequently Asked Questions


The cost of translation is determined by the word count (computer-generated Word Count) in the target language (translated into). A minimum charge covers most small documents, such as birth certificates.


For a small extra charge, we attach to the translated document a Legal Attestation stating that our translation is to the best of our knowledge a true, complete and accurate translation. This Attestation is signed by the Translations Coordinator and stamped with the Agency business seal.

Notarized certified translations

We can provide, upon demand, notarized certified translations of all documents. A separate notarization certificate is affixed to the material with a Notary signature and seal. We provide 2 copies of these translations. We keep translations on file for two years. If you ever need additional copies, please let us know.

Third party translations

We can certify the completeness and accuracy of an existing translation performed by someone else. For these projects the cost is calculated on a per hour basis.


The Judicial Council of the State of California presently only certifies eight languages. Certified Interpreters work mostly in legal settings, although there is also a medical specialty. Naturally these specialists command a higher rate of pay. We provide Certified interpreters on request.

For non-certified languages or when a certified interpreter is not required, we have experienced non-certified interpreters who are qualified by us to work within their field of expertise.

Why use an agency?

With one call to a reputable agency you get the assurance and the security of knowing that your job will be done promptly and done well. If something unavoidable prevents the person assigned from completing the job, we have a number of persons to draw from for an immediate replacement. Aside from the legal ramifications involved, using non-professional interpreters such as family members or friends can easily lead to bias or misinterpretation of precise medical, financial or legal terminology. This has the possibility of disastrous consequences.

What affects the cost of a project?

  • Rarity of language (i.e. Spanish vs. Tibetan).
  • Wordiness of language: Languages require different numbers of words to express the same thought (i.e. Spanish uses approx. 15% more words than English, German 17% less).
  • Type of material. (i.e., Technical, legal, poetic, literary or everyday communication).
  • Deadline: While we can perform rush work, the cost of speeding up the translation process or of hiring an interpreter on a short notice basis affects the cost of the service.
  • Different alphabets/characters.
  • Formatting (some documents contain intricate tables of data which must be typed along with translating the text).

How do I get my document to you?

We can receive and return documents by fax, email, postal mail or courier. Also, on our Get Quote page, you can upload a document.

We can process your documents in several formats, including Word, Adobe PDF, scanned image, or webpage. If you have any questions, do call us!

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